Saturday, December 19, 2009

Loud and inappropriate laughter.

I was at a christmas gathering when one of my ecumenical colleagues turned to her boss and asked, "Have you checked out the new coffee shop in town yet?"

He (known for his liking for certain stimulants most often found at such a venue) replied that he had not.

She then responded, "Oh, I thought you would have been in like a shot", whereupon I dissolved into giggles and she looked at me, perplexed.

It lost a lot in the explanation, but still gives me the giggles. Sadly, I like a good pun, "Thank you, Bernard."*

The chances that I'm likely to be invited to anything at the local Anglican church for a while?

... approximately nun.

*Reference to the BBC TV series "Yes, Minister". Bernard was known for his pedantic attention to unmixing metaphors, explaining obscure Classical allusions, and finding the most literal meaning of any given phrase. Whereupon either Sir Humphrey or the Minister would repressively intone, "Thank you, Bernard", and change the subject. He is arguably best known for his 'helpful' suggestion of an advertising slogan for the British Civil Service - "Red Tape is Fun!". I've always wanted a shirt with that slogan and his caricature on it. Sadly, I've never seen one, and given that the show was produced in the '80s I doubt I will ever find one.


Swift Jan said...

Haha that's quite funny actually!

You know you can probably make your own tshirt! :D

Aleta said...

LMAO - I enjoyed that!

Givinya De Elba said...

In like a shot! I loved it and the Yes Minister reference, even without your footnote! Here is possibly my favourite, which I commented on my sister's post on 25 Nov:

Jim Hacker and Sir Humphrey, discussing the President of Buranda, Bernard watching on:

Hacker: The President is a crook!He shouldn't be a member of the club. He should be blackballed.

Bernard: He is already.

Hacker: Yes, thank you Bernard!

Crazy Sister said...

Yeah, make your own Bernard shirt via KMart online or something.

I remember Humphrey and Hacker discussing their agenda for the day. Bernard pointed out that with only one item, it was an "agendum". Then they dismissed that item. So Bernard, taking notes and talking to himself, said rhythmically:
"There is no...

Anonymous said...

Ha, and the footnote is even funnier ;)