Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Christmas!

Well, nearly at the end of it, but I have time to read now, so I thought I'd let you know that I'm alive, well fed, and looking forward to a wider family bash tomorrow.

I nearly got through my list of things to do yesterday, which was pretty marvellous and down to the fact that my Beloved helped.

Service this morning seemed to go well and now I think I need to go to sleep. Chance that I'm all ready for tomorrow?

... Approximately None!


Femina said...

Very glad to hear you survived. Are you doing the service on Sunday too? It's just too close to Christmas!

Yesterday (Thurs) I did preparation for six different services - 2 x Christmas Eve, 2 x Christmas Day and the two Sundays following Christmas. They all had different requirements and I ended up having to ring lots of people. Ugh. However, I got through it all and still managed to enjoy a lovely Christmas Day without growling at strangers (or at anyone I know, for that matter). And now I'm off work until Monday week. Thank you, God.

Jodie said...

Lovely to catch up on Boxing Day! Noah loves his DVD. And we love the chocolates! Were those like the ones you made for the church fair? Yum!!!