Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thank you, Mr Rudd

Our Prime Minister was kind enough to give us a present. Wasn't that nice of him?

Of course it was actually a bribe to make me say nice things about a bloke who wants me to work for an extra two years before I can retire, but it still nicer than having to work the extra years without a new toy. And, given my Mum's experience with one she got when they were married, I should be still enjoying using it when I finally get to retire (unlike most other economic stimulous package purchases I've heard of).

For many years I have wanted one of these, but it was always in the not-really-an-essential column, so I never did buy one. But Mr Rudd wanted me to spend the money he gave us, so we spent a significant amount of it at a local shop.

It came Tuesday, but I had much more disgusting things to blog that day.

And who wastes two bloggable events on posts for the one day?

Meet Kevin the Kenwood Kitchen Machine and his little band of devout followers:

Wouldn't it have been nice if I'd straightened the tablecloth before taking the photo?

As attachments I decided to buy the liquidiser (great for smoothies and blending of any description) the food processor (great for slicing, dicing and making biscuit crumbs), the mincer with sausage making bits (because then I can make my own sausages which won't give me itchy spots), and the ice-cream maker (which is an extravagance that I would never have bought if the Australian Government hadn't been footing the bill, but I will enjoy). There are many, many other attachments, but I don't think I would use them often enough to bother with them just yet. I really considered the juicer and the tiny grinder, but decided to be bad and put some money into the house loan (sorry Mr Rudd).

Named in honour of our illustrious leader who gave the economic stimulous money with which this was bought, here is Kevin on the bench with all his friends washed up and in the cupboard above him. (Except the freezing part of the icecream maker which was in the freezer doing its 24 hours before use freeze-down - pear or mango sorbet? Hmmm.)
Chance that I'm going to lose any weight now?
... Approximately None. But it will be useful making healthy, non-itchy-spot food. Really.


Louisa said...

oooh lovely!

Femina said...

My jealousy knows NO BOUNDS!! Seriously, I'm drooling all over my computer. It's BEE-YOO-TE-FUL!!!

I used my K-Rudd money to buy a reconditioned washing machine. And to slightly reduce my credit card debt... shhhh... don't tell Kevin...

Swift Jan said...

Nice!! I have always wanted one of those too, but they are on my "non essential" list too.... plus we have no room in out tiny kitchen!!

Kevin shouted us to a new espresso machine. THanks Kev :)

Givinya De Elba said...

Kevin bought us a coffee machine and toaster. It felt wrong to spend it instead of saving it (like I do with any money Mister Kevin gives me) but -sigh- this WAS Mr de Elba's $900 to spend, and spend it he did. And in the end, Mister Kevin was happier with the way Mr de Elba disposed of his money than I do with mine.

Nice collection of kitchen stuff, Jen!

Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

nice purchase! They look great. I look forward to seeing photos of the great things you make with them.

Crazy Sister said...

We bought some shelves courtesy of Kevin, and paid the rates bill. I figure you can't get any more local than the town council coffers.