Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Horse for Giggles: Part 3

There is dust over everything in the garage, including the car.

This is because I've been using machinery. Sanding-type machinery.

And when I haven't been using machinery, I've been sanding by hand the bits that are too fiddly to get at with anything mechanical.

I've realised that I hugely understated the case in my last Troy-related post when I mentioned that his head was finished, apart from "only the sanding to go".

I've now basically shaped the legs (with a belt sander so there won't be as much sanding required. I hope.) and have about half the head sanding done. The difference that is shown in photos between what these look like now and the last lot of photos posted is approximately none, so I haven't included any just yet.

Meanwhile my Beloved has been working on the stand that Troy will swing from. So far we have:-

The bit that sits on the floor and the bit that Troy will swing from.

Miscellaneous rails and bits that will join and reinforce the two bits in the photo above, as well as the rails that will be joined to Troy's legs and will be connected to the swinging rods.

And yesterday my one indulgence with respect to the fit-out arrived. I managed to track down a source for rockinghorse stirrups. Aren't they the cutest little darling things? My Beloved's size 11 boots make them look ridiculously tiny!

And I was given a hint by the lady at the Post Office when I went to collect the stirrups that if I go to a local butcher (that kill their own meat) I should be able to get cows tail hair for free, instead of paying a hundred dollars for real horse hair (or the knitting cotton option that I was actually planning due to the hideous price of the aforementioned real horse hair). I figure that people hair dye should work on it to get it black, although I'm not certain about how to stitch it to tape so that the strands don't pull out. Anyone done any wig making?
So things are happening slowly, and I'm just wondering what the calorific intake is on sawdust. I mainly use a mask, but I can still taste the stuff when I've finished.
How much do I wish to dwell on how far we have to go in the next month?
... Approximately None!


Femina said...

Hmmm... if you laid the ends of the tail hair along a strip of fabric, laid another strip of fabric on top and then just stitched the heck out of every bit of fabric, would that work? Or maybe stitch them to one strip of fabric then fold it over and stitch again so the ends of the tail hairs are bent, if you know what I mean? I'm assuming that the fabric bit will be inside Troy's... errr... rump area.

Aleta said...

Ok. I'm impressed. I can't wait to see the results!

Givinya De Elba said...

Wow! That's looking GREAT! What cute little stirrups.

rhubarbwhine said...

Gosh, you are clever. I would never think I was skilled enough to undertake this task. You have made it look deceptivley simple, I know that in reality this is such an intricate work. Wow!

Swift Jan said...

they are very cute stirrups!!
As for the tail... I have NO clue!!! Good luck with that!

Kitty and Glen said...

Goodness me, I am so impressed! What a fantastic gift for a young girl. She'll treasure it for years. It must be so satisfying to make something like this from scratch.

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Hippomanic Jen said...

Thank you for all the great information about floor sanding. I'm certain it would be useful in the event that I was sanding a FLOOR. Not terribly useful for getting around the contours of a WOODEN HORSE, though.

Debbie said...

I am just struck speechless by your talent and creativity. This project is amazing.