Monday, August 20, 2012

Freaky Friday


I've been looking for work now that I'm back in Australia after the trip of a lifetime and only studying part time.  I had sent off a few applications for jobs around the place as I saw advertisements, but hadn't really focussed on the job hunt as yet.  Last week I had two to submit: one by noon Wednesday and a second that closed Friday.

I can't now remember if it was Wednesday night or Thursday that I received a phone call to come in for an interview for the first, but the interview was scheduled for 2pm Friday afternoon.  So I handed in one application on the way down for the interview for the other.

It's a bit freaky when your job interview is in the Deputy Principal's office.  Not just any Deputy Principal's office, but the very office that the Deputy Principal of your own High School years worked in.

Anyway, did the interview, went home and about 1.5 hours later was offered the job.  That in itself was freaky enough, and I had to request some "breathing space" before giving them a final "yes" because it was just too quick for my brain to compute and because God had basically had to yell pretty loudly to get me to even consider applying for the other job that I'd just applied for that afternoon.

Anyway, they were keen for me to start ASAP as the lady currently doing the job is leaving Wednesday and it's such a procedure intensive position that a couple of days of handover is a really good idea.

So I started 8.30 this morning.  When taken up to the office I work from I recognised the old Maths staffroom from my days.  My debating teacher used to work from here (there were about 6 teachers in a space that now holds 2 people).  The old Graphics block that was pretty much the end of the universe before you hit the top oval is now quite central with all the buildings that have sprung up on the aforementioned oval.  I get to use the staff toilets, which were always off limits as a student (and don't have any graffiti).

I'm working in a role to organise work experience placements and school based traineeships and apprenticeships.  A role to use my brain, but is only 4 days a week to leave me some study time.  I also get school holidays.  Bonus.

The chance that this will feel normal any time soon?


Anonymous said...
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Wendy said...

Looks like you're attracting some spam too!

Good for you, trying something different. I hope that it settles down and feels more normal soon.

Givinya De Elba said...

Woot! A new job AND spam on your blog! Nicely done Jen. Hope that new job goes smoothly for you and you enjoy it. Also hope the spam offers some amusement. Mine always has.

Sue Ellen said...

Apart from the bit where working at your old school messes with your head, this sounds like a great job for you. I hope it gives you some financial breathing space. :)

gartcott aka Penny Hannah said...

Congratulations on the new job. Sounds a bit like the old saw about 'along come two at once' - hope the job works really well and you're not faced with another interview after posting the second application!
On a different tack - hope you managed to see lots of the Olympic equestrian events. The dressage especially was beautiful to watch.

Crazy Sister said...

Loved your holiday posts, but couldn't think of any comments! Just amazing to see and read.