Friday, May 20, 2011


It was my day off today. So I went to visit a Theological Library in Brisbane to find some resources for my exegetical assignment. Of course. That's what everybody does with their day off!

I took Mum with me and dropped her off at Indooroopilly on the way through. It was almost a case of slow down and push her out, because we didn't get a red light to let her out!

Having got all the stuff I'd gone down for, I headed back to meet Mum for lunch and Pearl Tea in the Food Court. I laughed at myself when I found a park "where I always park" when I haven't lived in Brisbane for 12 years.

Mum had found some things that she wanted to show me. I collect tiny horses, and generally Mum and Dad keep an eye out for ones with character when they are overseas.

These two just HAD to come home with me...
So meet Jade and Rosalie.

The chance you can pick which is which?


Emily Sue said...

Oh! When you said they were crystal I assumed they were snooty horses. Not at all... their faces look a bit like Moomintroll

Aleta said...

**drool** I love crystals. I'd collect these in a heartbeat too!

Crazy Sister said...

I love their faces! What perfect expressions.

Swift Jan said...

Aww they are so cute!