Monday, December 27, 2010

Just so you know, I still love rain.

Today is the day when as many of Mum's brothers and sisters and spouses and my cousins get together. Because we live in the same town as my grandparents and grandad has trouble travelling these days, the party is normally here in town.

So we were all systems go this end.

And it rained.

And the first lot coming from Brisbane couldn't get through because the highway was cut about 20mins from here.

Then the lot from Toowoomba couldn't get through.

Then the second lot from Brisbane who were bringing my uncle, who had flown down from Townsville as a surprise, couldn't get through.

Then the lot from Toowoomba rang to say the road was cut on the way back to Toowoomba, and they'd had to get accommodation in the little town half-way home.

Then we got a photo emailed of both lots from Brisbane because they'd had a party at a stop half-way back to Brisbane.

So Mum, Dad, my Beloved and I jumped in the car and did the flood tour of the town we live in. Some bridges that I've never seen under are under, and it's very likely the main bridge into town will go under tonight or tomorrow when the water from up-stream gets here.

Then we got home and my Beloved was looking for his shovel to shift a tree that is not happy in our backyard and he found a little situation:-

This is our house. We are built on a slope, so the garage is downstairs at the back, but the front is not full head-height.

This means that there's a space under the front part of the house which is not built in. My Beloved has been very clever and put drainage channels to stop the water getting in under the house.

Unfortunately this meant that water that gets in can't get out. We inadvertantly had a good start for the first canine hydrotherapy pool in town.

My Beloved dug a ditch to let the water out. The LBD 'helped'.

There must have been about 5cms of water lying against the slab for the garage floor.

And this is part of the culprit. The ground is so sopping wet that we have springs developing in the cutting under the house. There were a number of spots leaking.
It seems the project to get a retaining wall and put a concrete slab that drains to the outside may be more of a priority than we thought.
How much more rain do we need around here?


Givinya De Elba said...

We need approximately no more too! Amazing that your bridges are under. I have water pooled on the tarp that covers the sandpit (much smaller scale than your pond, I know!) and I've been using an old hose to siphon it out. Would that help save your Beloved from ditch-digging?

Swift Jan said...

Oh this weather is so depressing!!

Crazy Sister said...

I didn't know there could be so much water in the sky. It doesn't seem possible.

Anonymous said...

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Jodie said...

For once, I was grateful to be running late. So late, in fact, that we were just setting out on the road when the news came through about road closures. So we didn't get stuck in the little town half-way home. Praise God for tardiness! But we did miss you all :-)

Lisa said...

We followed your Dad's advice to have the party back at our house rather than stopping half way. Good advice that was too, because about an hour after the Nambour lot arrived, the road went under between Aratula and Brisbane. We would have been stranded if we had stopped to party half way.