Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's a Good Thing I Didn't End Up a Teenage Mother

At lunchtime I will be off to give a religious education lesson to my class of little grade twos.

It quite often ends up as mayhem and I'm not certain what they are actually learning, but they are so enthusiastic and I love them all.

When I was in high school I really wanted to give my hypothetical children distinctive names. I thought it might be nice to use the less popular spellings for traditional names. (This is probably due to the sheer numbers of Jennifers in my classes growing up.)

In more recent years I have repented of that desire.

There are so many variants.

Young Cayleb informed me at the beginning of this term that I spelled his name incorrectly on the front of his book. I had written 'Caleb'. I had written my list with it spelled the way he spelled it, but my brain must have done an automatic spell-check while I wasn't paying attention.

So now there are a whole generation of kids who are going to have to spell their names every single time someone is writing it down.

How much do I wish I was them?

... Approximately None!


Jodie said...

Teaching grade two's RE is such an awesome task, if only I could work out how to get my big class of them to pay attention with out the use of water each week. But agree the spelling of the names does my head in as well.

Swift Jan said...

A true sign of a bogan when they spell their child's name wierdly.

Cayleb? I mean COME ON!!

I recieved a text message from someone this morning announcing the birth of their 3 child. Jorja . It even looks stupid!

Jodie said...

One of my favourite things about supply teaching is having a good chuckle as I read down the list of names on the roll. Highlights include Anferne and Pherlicity.

Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

I am with Swift Jan on this one - incorrectly spelled names just scream bogan.

The best I ever came across was a boy by the name of Reign-Beau, which I assume was bogan for Rainbow.

Emily Sue said...

Excessive use of 'y' and replacing 'ch' or 'c' with 'k' both generally hint at boganity. Mykayla is one of my personal favourites but Cayleb is definitely up there. Of course Kayleb would have been even better. :D

Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

I have thought about this further and I think it is actually good you didn't end up a teenage parent for a lot of reasons!