Saturday, November 21, 2009


I was invited to participate in a school speech day on Friday. Really enjoyed some parts like the dance troop and seeing the little preppies get their encouragement awards, and the fact that there seemed to be so many lovely young men and women ready to go out and make their mark on the world.

I also puzzled over the fact that in a pipe band you can have some trouble picking a pre-pubescent boy from a pre-pubescent girl, unless the girls ALL have long hair. Kilts will do that.

But the main block from total enjoyment was the heat. There is nothing worse than being dressed up in your good clothes and then feeling the sweat trickle down between your shoulder blades (yes, "sweat" - it was definitely not as refined as "perspiration" and even further from the "glowing" that apparently ladies are supposed to do when warm).

Unless it's the feeling of sweat running down your thighs under a lined skirt.

Or the slimy feeling you get at the point you neatly cross your ankles so that your knees can stay together because you're in the front row, wearing a suit skirt and very visible to the assembled parents, friends, special guests and students.

Anyway it was hot, but I was priviledged to sit in the special section with the college council, which meant that we had comfy seats and a bottle of water provided just beside the leg of each chair.

It also meant that I was sitting next to a couple of men who were built on generous lines. I don't mean fat, I mean they had the bulk to match their height. Which meant that they needed the additional room for their arms that was above our mutual armrests.

Which would have been fine, except that I'm not as little as I used to be. And the need to keep my arms by my sides began to make me wonder how much colour difference my royal blue blouse would show if for some reason it were to become moist. Which was definitely going to be the case.

I made a mental note to keep my arms by my sides after the event was over.

Then remembered that I was giving the Benediction at the end of the proceedings.

It is usual in my church for the appointed God-person to raise their arms to pronounce the Benediction.

But the appointed God-person would usually be a proper minister wearing an alb, which would be white and not show the change in colour (mind you any minister wearing an alb on this particular occasion would have passed out with heat exhaustion by this point, so it ends up being moot).

So how much did anyone care if I had dark circles under my arms?

... Approximately None, because everyone was in exactly the same boat!


Givinya De Elba said...

Oh dear.

Yes, they used to say women "perspire" or "glow."

I on the other hand sweat like a hog.

Wendy said...

I'm wondering if you've given this post the right title. Maybe, "Sweating like a pig" or "Stinking armpits" would have been more indicative of what we were about to read :O

Swift Jan said...

QLD Summers. We love them. Really we do! hehe

I had sweat dripping down my nose on saturday during the move... that was foul!

Lightening said...

Don't you just LOVE it when you have to go to events like that in a heat wave?

Ours was slightly cooler as it was raining. However the rain made it all rather sticky and difficult to hear with rain pelting down on the gym roof. Not to mention the hole in the roof from some recent hailstorms getting some of the students wet!!! LOL.

Oh, I've popped over from My Little Drummer Boys. Doing some blog hopping today. :)

Crazy Sister said...

Ha ha ha! I'm going to think about that next time I see a minister in the big white thingy. "Ah, that's so we can't see the sweat..."

BUSH BABE said...

Oh well-described Jen! I sit here today in front of my computer, attempting to upload a massive photo order and the trickle down my spine is fast becoming a torrent. Not. Pretty.

Love your work!

Aleta said...

It's cold right now in Louisiana, which is an odd thing to say, but true. So it's a little strange to read about Glowing. Lol.

But... then.. most of the year the women glow around New Orleans. We have about 1 month of coolness, then it's back to the heat.