Friday, February 6, 2009

Is it Beer O'Clock Yet?

It's Friday afternoon and I don't feel like concentrating anymore. I feel dozy and lazy and certainly not like working.

It's got to be getting close to that time of the day some of my work colleagues used to call "Beer O'Clock". Knock off time when you can go, sit around the lunch room table with a beverage of your choice and simply enjoy each other's company.

But - I don't drink beer. Can I call it "Ginger Beer O'Clock"?

But - I work from home and there's only the LBD for company. Then again, that's got to be okay because dogs are some of the best company there is. I won't have to listen to how his week has gone, nor will he be likely to get more and more inappropriate as the beers go down.

But - it's not quite time yet. (It would be if I took a half hour's drive south of here into New South Wales where they are inflicted with Daylight Saving.)

So I think that as boss of my business I'm going to give myself an early mark, pack up and go home (i.e. out of my office) - because realistically how much work am I going to get done in the next 55 minutes?

... Approximately None.


Givinya De Elba said...

"A-Cold-Water-would-be-Lovely" o'clock?

Sounds like the right time of day for me. I'd come over and share "A-Cold-Water-would-be-Lovely o'clock" with you.

Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

It is always beer o'clock somewhere in the world Jen!

Kitty and Glen said...

Hey, if your boss won't give you an early mark on a Friday, you're entitled to complain.
Though as your own boss, who would you complain to? Hmm, problem...

Debbie said...

It's never white wine 'clock here until the kids settle in. Bummer.

Crazy Sister said...

I guess Beer O'Clock is a frame of mind. I woke up with a Beer O'Clock mentality this morning.